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Basic Procurement Policy

FUJI KIKO Co., Ltd. strictly follows its basic policy regarding procurement of parts, materials and equipment as described below:
1. Mutual Growth based on Mutual Trust
FUJI KIKO makes efforts to obtain mutual growth through various activities with suppliers based on the concept of prosperous coexistence. For this purpose, the Company sets importance on promoting friendly communications and building a confidential relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.
2. Fair and Open Competition
FUJI KIKO provides applicants or suppliers with equal opportunities for fair and open competition regardless of nationality, size of the business and trading performance in the past.
When selecting suppliers, a comprehensive consideration is given by taking account of various viewpoints as the criteria such as supply stability, approach to necessary improvements, etc. in addition to appropriate quality, technology, price and delivery commitment.
3. Promoting Green Procurement
FUJI KIKO aims to engage in environmental conservation initiatives in close cooperation with suppliers. To this end, the Company gives priority to procurement of environmentally friendly parts, materials and equipment from suppliers who promote environmental protection activities.
4. Promoting Global Procurement
FUJI KIKO aims to be a worldwide supplier by itself and is encouraged to engage vigorously in activities to contribute to create an affluent society as a good corporate citizen. For this purpose, the Company is extending its business activities globally by actively promoting localization as a local company in each country or region of the globe in which it operates.
5. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations
FUJI KIKO ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing its local and global procurement of parts, materials and equipment.
In addition, great care is paid to the confidential information that has come to our knowledge through business.
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