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Engineering and Development Jobs
Design and
In this area, you are required to develop product design plans that meet customer needs and to prepare and evaluate three-dimensional engineering drawings using a three-dimensional CAD system. As these drawings are an important tool when we propose our products to customers, this job has much to do with order receiving from customers.
Production engineers are responsible for designing and building manufacturing lines to produce specific products, the so-called ‘process design.’ You are required to ensure smooth running of the line by taking equipment, processing methods, working procedures, etc. into account. You will need to customize production machinery and equipment to the specification of our own products by developing new processing technologies and designing special tools for manufacturing applications, in this way to finalize the best possible production line from every point of view, including efficiency, performance, cost, and ease of operation.
Based on the engineering drawings developed by design engineers, you are required to produce prototype models of new development products using various kinds of tools and machine tools. You will need to feed back all nonconformities, defects, malfunctions and problems detected in this prototyping stage to the relevant divisions and to find remedial measures.
Testing and
You are required to make evaluation and analysis of product quality and performance by testing our products with various experimental facilities and equipment. You will need to feed back the test results to the relevant divisions to help improve the quality and performance of our products.
System Development
You are required to develop unique methods/systems which are unrivaled by our competitors. You will need to help develop new methods/systems with innovative technologies in diverse areas such as press working, welding and assembling.
Quality Assurance
In this area, you will work to ensure our customers the quality of our products through quality control activities in conformity with the company’s quality manual, which is based on the global quality standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. You will need to play an active part in promoting always-superior quality assurance awareness on a group-wide, and further, company-level scale by clearly defining the cause of each respective problem and point to be held responsible for it. This will be achieved through review of the existing improvement scheme of quality assurance activities, countermeasures taken against problems actualized as a result of quality audit or a thorough quality control, utilization of similar quality trouble experienced in the past, corrective action taken against problems, and so on.
Business and Administrative Jobs
Sales people are responsible for planning an effective marketing strategy and for performing sales activities based on it to encourage not only domestic/overseas car manufacturers but also Tier 1 auto parts suppliers to purchase our products. Sales activities include a series of stages, starting from ‘door opening’ (grasp or knowledge of customer needs), drafting of proposal details, presentation of proposal to the customer, price setting, sample delivery, and order receiving. Sales staff is therefore the main interface that connects customers with our company.
You are required to select material and by-material suppliers, including vendors of purchased components, machines, equipment and other materials and office supplies, and to determine their prices. For this purpose, you will need to perform supplier evaluation and price assessment. You will have to address cost reduction not only in the short term but also in the medium and long terms. Since the upgrade of supplier’s competitiveness is directly linked with our company’s competitive power, it is also important to guide and support suppliers toward quality improvement and productivity enhancement. The company’s global procurement system is under construction to build up a solider integrated procurement network.
Production Control
You are required to plan, carry out and manage medium-/long-term production schedules based on the information gathered from customers. You will need to perform logistics management and inventory control from production stage until the delivery of our products to customers is completed. You will need to take into consideration reduction of CO2 emissions and other environmental measures in terms of logistics management.
Financial Management
This division is responsible for accounting work such as calculation of daily and monthly costs and revenues, cost accounting, monthly/annual settlement of accounts and tax reporting. As we are a listed company, the division is also responsible for preparing outside disclosure documents on a quarter basis with respect to various business results. In addition, financial management staff need to work out financing plans and perform administration and raising of funds.
General Affairs
This division has many important roles to support business operations and good relationships between the company and stockholders, customers, local communities, employees and other stakeholders. Hosts of the division’s roles include: holding of general meetings of stockholders and providing of related information, handling of stock-related operations, assistance to customers’ sales promotion activities, participation in community groups, planning and organization of various systems that help provide a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees to maximize their performances, corporate assets management, and so on. More recently, the division also takes charge of operation of various programs for environmental measures to help promote eco-friendly corporate management, so the division plays a role that represents our company.
Human Resources
In this division, you are required to plan and implement programs for recruitment, personnel allocation and training, and performance evaluation. The division is also responsible for human resources management and administration of welfare facilities.
Information System
In this area, you are required to perform information system administration and operation and take charge of new plans, system development and maintenance to enhance operational efficiency using PCs and other IT tools.
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