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Students Studying Abroad

Dear Students Studying Abroad,
Today, with the advance of globalization, the automotive industry in Japan at large has established its proper production bases at various points overseas, actively promoting sales of cars to local users. Under these circumstances, we, Fuji Kiko, have also undergone a steady change into a global enterprise with our own production facilities throughout the world, including North America, Asia and Europe.
While, in keeping with this change, opportunities to come into touch with people overseas are on the increase, it is not too much to say that our company’s future largely depends upon development and recruiting of human resources. Fuji Kiko’s future growth rests with supply of best possible products and services to customers without interruption.
If you want to give full play to your language ability and cross-cultural understanding experience that you have learned during your study abroad, then we have a field for you and look forward to hearing from you. Join Fuji Kiko.
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