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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Required Qualification
How many graduates do you plan to employ in April 2017?
We are going to employ three students for office workers and seven students foe engineers in April, 2017.
Do you offer any positions for student studying abroad and expected to graduate?
Yes, certainly. The same recruiting process for expected graduates from universities in Japan will apply. Please apply through the ‘Rikunavi’ (Recruit Navigation) website.
Do you offer any positions for international students studying in Japan?
Yes, we offer some positions for international students. About 10 international students joined us in past 5 years.
Any nationality is acceptable, but Japanese-speaking skill is indispensable.
Your Japanese linguistic ability (reading, writing and speaking) will be evaluated through written examination, interview and composition.
Do you offer any positions of general staff?
We offer managerial (career) positions only.
How do you decide assignment?
After you join our company, we provide OJT (on-the-job training) program. You will learn how our products are manufactured during this training course. Upon completing this OJT, you will be assigned to a section. Assignment is decided according to your designed post, the results of employment examination, your aptitude evaluated after joining our company, etc.
Are there orders for overseas business trips and/or overseas service?
Yes, certainly. If you are a science student, it is possible that you are ordered to go on overseas business trips frequently. You are not ordered for overseas service immediately after you join us. You may be attached to overseas service after 5 to 10 years of job experience.
Working Environment and Conditions
What sex ratio (ratio of male to female) is shown in your company?
Fuji Kiko has around 1,600 employees in total, including about 300 female employees; therefore, the ratio of male to female is 4:1.
Do you have the maternity leave and childcare leave programs?
Yes, we have these programs. Our childcare leave program provide a longer leave period than that set forth by law (until your new baby reaches the age of 3 years)
Do you have the company dormitory?
Yes, certainly. It is an apartment rented by the company located relatively near the company’s factory and headquarters. You may commute by bicycle.
The dormitory will be prepared to receive newcomers after the number of applicants is fixed.
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