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Corporate history

November1944Founded as Fuji Weapon Co., Ltd., (capitalized at 15 million yen) fully funded by Fuji Gas Spinning Co., Ltd., (current Fujibo Holding, Inc.)
Manufactured bullets for Toyokawa naval force by transforming the then current Washizu Factory of Fuji Gas Spinning Co., Ltd., into an arms' factory.
October1945Renamed to Fuji Kiko Co.,Ltd., shifted the business to manufacturing, processing, repair and sales of machineries and tools (while enhancing power saving of spinning machines, producing and selling knitting machines, shifted the business to producing auto parts in response to demands at the time).
April1954Started dealing with Nissan and manufacturing auto parts.
July1959Acquired the Honjo factory of Fujibo, fully funded the establishment of Saitama Kiko Co.,Ltd.
March1963Restarted operation of Saitama Kiko Co.,Ltd. as a Honjo factory of Fuji Kiko through M & A with it.
March1966Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
April1973Started dealing with Suzuki (current Suzuki)
October1977Founded and started operation of the Arai factory in Araicho, Hamana in Shizuoka (current Araicho, Ksai city in Shizuoka)
July1985Founded Kyushu Fuji Kiko Co.,Ltd. divided form Nakatsu factory.
October1986Founded Higashi Mikawa Fuji Kiko Co.,Ltd. divided form Shinjo factory.
May1989Founded JFM in Taiwan by M & A with Joyu
August1989Founded and started operation of Ryuyo factory in Ryuyo-cho, Iwata in Shizuoka (current Iwata city in Shizuoka)
December1989Founded Founded Daglus Autotec Corporation(DAC)≫
in U.S.A. as a joint company with FFV Autoteck AB.
April1991Funded Kokuyo Electric Co.,Ltd.≫(full fund in July 1993).
December1991Fully funded Douglas Autotec Corporation(DAC)≫
January1993Founded Fuji Autotec AB(FAAB)≫ in Sweden.
March1996Fonded PT Autotec Indonesia(PAI) in Indonesia as a joint company with PT India mobile Investment (Indonesia) and Marubeni Auto Sales Co.,Ltd.
September1996Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
November1996Founded FA Co.,Ltd.(current Iwata Fuji Kiko Co.,Ltd.)≫ in management and capital
August1999Linked-up with TACHI-S CO.,LTD (HQ in Akisima city, tokyo)≫ in management and capital
July2000Founded FKU Holdings in U.S.A.
May2001Linked-up (Tied up) with Koyo Seiko Co.,Ltd (current JTEKT Corporation)≫
October2002Founded Fuji Koyo Czech, s.r.o.(FKC)≫ in Czech
March2003Increased capital stock to 4.383 billion yen through allocation of new shares to a third party.
January2004Founded Shye Fu Koyo(Xiamen)Mechanical Industry Co.,Ltd.(SFK) in China.
March2004Founded Fuji Autotech U.S.A., LLC (FAU)≫ in U.S.A.
July2004Founded FAS in France through acquiring stock of a French subsidiary, Faurecia.
Founded FAB, a subsidiary of Fuji Autotech France S.A.S, in Brazil.
December2004Increased capital stock to 5.986 billion yen through public offering and allocation of new shares to a third party.
January2005Founded Fuji Autotec Europe S.A.S.(FAE), the head quarter in the European region.
Fonded Fuji Autotech Guangzhou Co.,Ltd.(FAG) in China.
April2005Founded Co.,Ltd. Fuji Kiko Kurata in Gamagori city, Aichi.
April2006Founded GJF in China.
June2006Founded SFKK≫ in Thailand.
July2007Founded SFAL in India.
January2008Built new Honjo factory in Imaidai, Honjo city, Saitama
(fully relocated in May 2008).
February2011Founded GJFM in China.
March2011Founded FACT in China.
September2012Founded FTMEX in Mexico.
January2013Founded FKE in France.
September2013Founded FJMEX in Mexico.
December2013Founded Fu Chong(Fuzhon)Engineering Co.,Ltd. (FCE) in China.
September2014Established an European office of seat business Division in Germany.
November2014FUJI KIKO Co., Ltd. celebrated its 70th anniversary.
October2015The additional acquisition of the stocks of Summit Fujikiko Kurata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,
and changed the company's name to Fuji Autotech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
March2016Completed technical center by Washizu factory. (April, 2016 operation)
October2017K.K.TF-METAL≫ succeeded seat component business
October2017Transferred all stocks of K.K.TF-METAL≫ to K.K. Tachi-S≫
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