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Corporate profile

Corporate nameFuji Kiko Co., Ltd
Start of businessNovember 1944
Capital amount5,986 million yen
Listing of stockThe first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Address of the head quarters3131 Washizu, Kosai city, Shizuoka
Domestic basesThe head quarters, factories in Washizu, Arai, Honjo, with 5 domestic subsidiaries
Oversea bases3 in the North America, 3 in the Central and South America, 4 in Europe, 6 in China, 1 in Taiwan, and 3 in Southeast Asia
Domestic subsidiariesKyushu Fuji Kiko Co.,Ltd.   Higashi mikawa Fuji Kiko Co.,Ltd.
Iwata Fuji Kiko Co.,Ltd.≫   Fuji Kiko Kurata
Oversea subsidiaries【 U.S.A 】
Douglas AutotechCorporation≫
Fuji Kiko of U.S.A. Coporation
Fuji Autotech U.S.A., LLC.≫
【 Mexico 】
Fuji kiko Tachi-S Mexico,S.A.DEC.V.
Fuji kiko Mexico,S.A.DEC.V.
【 Sweden 】
Fuji Autotech AB≫
【 France 】
Fuji Kiko Europe S.A.S
Fuji Autotech France S.A.S
【 Czech 】
Fuji Koyo Czech, s.r.o.≫
【 Indonesia 】
PT. Autotech Indonesia
【 China 】
Fuji Autotech Guangzhou Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Jofu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Fu Chong Tai Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou JoFu Miyama Autoparts Co.,Ltd.
Fu Chong(Fuzhon)Engineering Co.,Ltd.
【 Thailand 】
Fuji Autotech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.≫
Affiliate companies【 Brazil 】
Fuji Autopecas do Brasil Ltda.
【 Taiwan 】
Joyu-Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd.
【 China 】
Shye Fu Koyo(Xiamen)Mechanical Industry Co.,Ltd.≫
【 India 】
Sona Fuji Kiko Automotive Limited
PresidentNoriya Murase
Payroll number1,289 (as of March 2015)
Category of industryManufacturing and sales of auto parts
Products itemsSeat parts, Steering columns, Shifters, Organization drive parts and others
Major customersNISSAN MOTOR Co.,Ltd.    JTEKT Corporation≫
TACHI-S CO.,LTD≫   Calsonic Kansei Corporation
SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION    Johnson Controls Co.,Ltd.
Nissan shatai Co.,Ltd.    UD Trucks Corporation    JATCO Ltd
Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.  Toyota Motor Corporation
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation  Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Isuzu Motors Limited  Aichi Machine Industry Co.,Ltd.
Nissan Kohki Co.,Ltd.  SHIGERU Co.,Ltd.  AISIN SEIKI Co.,Ltd.
【 Germany 】
Winkelman+Pannhoff GmbH
【 Liechtenstein 】
ThyssenKrupp AG Representative
【 Taiwan 】
Tamp Auto Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Hsin Chong Machinery Works Co.,Ltd.
【 Spain 】
Ficosa International, S.A.
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